Cute Scrapbooking Cottagecore Materials

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Note: Due to COVID-19 our suppliers are experiencing a delay in shipping, our average shipping time is currently 6-8 weeks. We appreciate your patience! 

We cannot get over these cute scrapbooking materials. Use these scrapbooking supplies in so many ways – decorate your notebook, journal, art, room, or gift them to friends. 

Our cute scrapbooking supplies are actual stickers, so no messing around glue or tape. Peel off the adhesive on the back and stick wherever you want. Perfect for the cottagecore aesthetic or if you just want to introduce some whimsy and nature into your life. 

Chose from delicate flowers, vibrant green vines, or (our favorite) the dark academia inspired set complete with tiny quills, ink pots, and notebook stickers. Put a notebook sticker in your notebook and potentially tear a hole in the space-time continuum? Who knows, but it’ll look cute as hell. 

Discover these cute scrapbooking materials and turn your art, room, notebook into a fantastical wonderland!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So hard to peel the adhesive backing

Not exactly what I expected. I got the wrong sticker packets which was disappointing. It is also incredibly hard to peel the adhesive backing off of the stickers. I wouldn't recommend this product

Veronica I

Pretty stickers, Thanks!

Sophia P

Pretty! Thanks!

Ella M

Beautiful stickers!

Zara W

Pretty stickers and they arrived to the UK in less than 2 weeks!