Rustic Candle Holders - Create Witchy Forest Vibes

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Looking for accessories to compliment the cosy, woodland vibe you’re trying to cultivate? These rustic candle holders do just that. Perfect for anyone wanting to create a forest haven within their home, these little babies are the real deal.

These beautiful rustic candle holders are all unique and are a subtle addition to your cottagecore aesthetic. They even have knots and irregular shapes that you would expect from actual pieces of bark.

Available in three different sizes, these rustic wood candle holders can be purchased in either small, medium, or large size. This makes it easy for you to get exactly the right size for whatever look you want to achieve. Buy one or two for just a hint of the woods, or buy a whole bunch and create a magical woodland nook somewhere in your room. The choice is yours! 🧚🧝‍♀️

rustic candle holders


Material: Wood


  • Small: 6cm/2.3in wide, 2.5cm/1in tall. Hole is 4cm/1.5in wide, 1.5cm/0.5in deep
  • Medium: 6cm/2.3in wide, 4.2cm/1.6in tall. Hole is 4cm/1.5in wide, 2.5cm/1in deep
  • Large: 6cm/2.3in wide, 7cm/2.7in tall. Hole is 4cm/1.5in wide, 2.5cm/1in deep

Note: Each holder is unique so may differ slightly in size and appearance

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