Stylish Oversized Round Glasses

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Oversized round glasses are definitely in. Small glasses? Get out of here, buddy, nobody wants you anymore. These cute oversized circle glasses are perfect for anybody looking to up their style or experiment with literary dark academia aesthetic.

Why are oversized round glasses so popular right now? Starting as a hot trend in Korea, you can see big round glasses making waves on TikTok and Instagram. 

Simply put, round glasses look great on all face shapes. Heart-shaped, long, round – it doesn’t matter, these glasses will compliment your features perfectly. If it’s good enough for Harry Potter, it’s good enough for me. 

Get your frames in soft gold, gunmetal grey, or a pop of color with blue, pink, or purple!

If you don’t need glasses,  simply pop them on and get comfy with a good book. If you need prescription lenses, then take your new oversized circle glasses to your optometrist and get your lens put in!


Material: Alloy

Customer Reviews

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BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THESE. They are very fragile! Do not attempt to adjust the frame, it will snap! Mine are fine (and very cute), but they did arrive with a tiny scratch on the left lens. Not a big deal though! They still look great :)