Gorgeous Indoor Artificial Vines - Cottagecore Bedroom Decor

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Picture this, a comfy bed, a hot cup of tea, your favorite book, a calming playlist, and a peaceful misty forest outside your window. Sounds like a slice of heaven, right? Unfortunately, not all of us can live in the middle of picturesque woodland, but you can create one of your very own with these amazing artificial vines. 

If you’re looking for authentic cottagecore bedroom decor, then fake vines to crawl over your walls is the best place to start. Wrap them around the headboard of your bed, couple them with some flower string lights, and create a witchy, forest atmosphere instantly.

There are so many options for the type of artificial vines you can buy. From bright green grape leaves to rounded yellow and green begonia leaves, or our personal favorite, the autumnal orange and red maple leaves. Enjoy that relaxing cozy fall feeling all year round!

There are a huge 7.5 feet of these delicate fake vines to decorate your room with so you won’t be short on options. We also throw in some flower cable ties so you can start creating your authentic cottagecore vibe immediately!


Leaf type: Six different types of leaves available

Whole length approx. 2.3m/7.5ft

Leaf length:10cm/3.9in

Package: 1pc


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Craig M

Even prettier than in the picture

Lawrence B

I used three to block the view on a balcony

Rozella S

Very realistic leaves, very good product.

Marquis R

The leaves are a little wrinkled but they'll settle over time. I like them!

Maybelle R

Very realistic!