The Best Colorful LED Lights For Your Bedroom 2020

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The best LED lights for your bedroom are now a must-have. Whether you’re scrolling IG, sending snaps, or binging the For You page on TikTok, colorful bedrooms seem to be everywhere. It’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. Hanging bright lights in your room is the easiest and quickest way to transform it. Are you tired of the same old posters and photos? Pop up some easy-to-install programmable LED strip lighting, and suddenly your whole aesthetic and vibe has changed.

So, how do you find out what are the best LED lights or TikTok lights for your bedroom? We’ve searched the web for the best deals and the most popular products so you can make the best decision.

The Best Neon LED Lights For Your Room

1. TikTok LED Programmable Strip Lights - With Remote

Different rooms with programmable strip LED lights

Kicking off with one of the hottest products online right now – and making waves across TikTok – are the LED programmable strip lights. These are perfect for just about any occasion and any aesthetic with multiple colors to choose from. Cosplayer? Create just about any atmosphere for your dramatic renditions. Eboy/Egirl? Create moody vibes to showcase your very best looks. Up-and-coming creator? Everybody has these lights in the background of their most popular video. Easy to install and available up to a huge 42ft, these lights can cover your entire room in minutes. 

2. TikTok Lights - Programmable USB-Powered LED Strip

programmable led lights with remote

Similar to the previous lights, the main difference is that these lights are USB powered. So, if you’re not looking to cover your entire room with lights but want to highlight your desk, your makeup mirror, or backlight your TV, then these are the best LED lights for your bedroom. Super easy to install, it also comes with a cute remote that lets you pick from a range of colors or create your own custom mood lighting. Perfect for anybody looking for some simple lights to make their bedroom decor stand out.

3. Fun Multi-Color LED Light Bulb

Colorful smart LED bulb


One of the best lights for your bedroom is an easy and fun multi-color LED light bulb. Not super fussed with putting up strip lighting, or want a more subtle look? This smart light bulb is for you. Controlled using an app on your phone, there are multiple ways you can use this bulb. Set a custom timer, so you wake up to a cool blue glow or a warm pink illumination. If you’re a budding musician or like adding some extra spice to your parties, use the light function to sync up with your favorite beats. 

4. Aesthetic Neon LED Tube Lights

Multi-color LED tube light

Do you crave instant gratification? Same. Which is why we love this LED tube light for bedroom decorating. Unpack, plug into a USB output, peel off the stickers, stick in place, and turn on. That’s it! The hardest thing about this LED light is picking your favorite color, although these are pretty cheap, so they won’t break the bank if you want to purchase a few. Hang these just about anywhere – make your makeup routine more exciting or backlight your TV to make watching Netflix feel more dramatic and futuristic with these 80s style neon lights.

5. Cheap Neon Light Signs For Your Bedroom

cactus and flamingo neon light sign

These adorable LED lights are one of the easiest ways to install some fun neon 80s realness into your decor. These cute signs can all be hung by the hook holes on the back. Alternatively, the light can also stand up – perfect for your bedside table, dresser, or bookcase. They come in a variety of different shapes and colors. Choose between a bat, cat, cloud, heart, rainbow, heart with arrow, cactus, or flamingo! So, whether you want a spooky vibe with a glowing purple bat or want some chill lightning for reading with a cool blue cloud, these cheap neon lights have it all!

The Best String Lights For Your Room

1. LED Flower String Lights

woman holding led flower string lights

We love, love, LOVE these flower LED string lights. If you aren’t feeling the neon lighting that’s dominating at the moment and you’re more into a cottagecore, witchy, chill aesthetic, these lights are perfect for you. Each LED light cover is fashioned after cherry blossoms, which are very popular in Japanese culture. Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring and symbolize the time of renewal. Cherry blossoms don’t live long. After their beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossoms start to fall. So, why not buy these ever-lasting glowing cherry blossoms to give your bedroom a fresh start. 

2. Pink Flower Lights - Delicate Rose LEDs

pink and white flower lights on dresser

These gorgeous and delicate flower LED string lights for your bedroom are the best way to upscale your vibe. Cute and kitschy, they’re perfect for draping across bookcases, dressers, make-up tables, or weaving above your headboard. Depending on your current room decor, they also come in a variety of colors, pick between pink, red, pink and white, or red and white. Turn your bedroom into a little escape from reality with these magical LED lights.

3. Twig Lights - Beautiful Willow Lights for Your Room

twig lights in a vase in a living room

Any budding cottagecore aesthetic enthusiast, witchy fellow, or basically anyone who loves to bring a bit of nature indoors needs these twig LED lights. We are obsessed with how easy they are to set up and how they instantly make any room look classier and cozier. With multiple colors, you can go for a more natural vibe with white and warm white, or go for a more spooky woods feel with purple, pink, blue, or a mixture of all of the above! Bend the twigs to look any way you want and even combo them with some fake flowers for a floral glow.

3. Cottagecore Mushroom String Lights

lit mushroom string lights on a table

Who needs LED mushroom string lights? Answer: Everyone. These little toadstool mushroom lights are almost too cute and are the perfect item for anybody looking to make their bedroom a little more magical. We love these wrapped around a bed frame or hung above a mirror for a nice bit of illumination for any videos or pictures we’re taking. They’re also great in combination with any of the floral lights on this list to really create a forest or woodland type atmosphere in your bedroom. Remember, mushrooms are associated with nature and the beauty of the forest, and mushrooms are considered a good luck symbol.

4. Light Up Flowers - Rose Vine Garland 

rose garland string light flowers

Enjoy your own private forest with these gorgeous LED string light flowers attached to a delicate vine. Easy to hang and wrap around your bedroom furniture; these are an essential item for any relaxing bedroom space. Powered by USB or battery, enjoy these foresty light up flowers in 5 feet to give your room a delicate glow. Or if you really want to transform your bedroom, you can get up 20 feet of these unique floral delights to create a woodland atmosphere. These are one of the best LED lights for your bedroom – easy to install and beautiful.

LED Lamps For Your Bedroom

1. Heavenly Moon Lamp - An Ethereal Glow for Your Home

woman holding moon lamp in bed

One of the best LED lights for your bedroom is the moon lamp – a perfect combination of style, aesthetics, and utility. The moon lamp is excellent for giving your bedroom a more mystical and relaxed vibe for when you’re studying, gaming, or listening to music. Choose from an orb 3 inches up to 8 inches depending on how much of a focal point you want this gorgeous LED light to be in your room. If you’re looking for a more neon style, then you can also purchase the 16 color alternative, which comes with a remote for color selection and brightness. The moon lamp can be charged in just 2 hours, allowing you to enjoy its glow for 8-10 hours, depending on brightness. The perfect gift for others or yourself, because you know, you deserve it!

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