11 Must Have Accessories this Festival Season

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As the days warm up, festival season begins and those of us who have been to our share of them know that preparation is key! With a minimum of two days partying hard to favorite artists, dining out on food truck cuisine and braving whatever conditions Mother Nature throws our way, festival life isn’t for the faint of heart! Whether you’re going to Lollapalooza, Creamfields, Austin City Limits — or any of the other big festivals around the world — if you’re wondering what festival must-have accessories you’ll need to last the distance, look no further!

1. A Fanny Pack

      90s fanny pack holographic design

      We all know fashion is cyclical and the ‘90s are back, baby! Fanny pack, bum bag, crossbody bag -- whatever you call it, this year forget about bringing a bulky backpack or annoying tote bag, take things retro instead. Whether you pick a simple classic look, or keep things funky with a holographic design, they’ll keep your valuables safe and your hands free.

      2. Sunglasses

        Not only do sunglasses keep you from squinting (not today, crows feet) but they’re also perfect for covering up just how deathly hungover you are from the night before. A true festival must have, bring one pair if you’re responsible, two if you like options, or three if you know you can’t be trusted when you’re dancing up a storm.

        3.Camp Chair (with a Drinks Holder)

          Don’t be that person at the tent site constantly stealing people’s seat, bring your own throne so you always have a place to rest your dusty feet at the end of the night. And try not to skimp — opt for one that comes in a carry bag and includes a cup holder in the arms, trust us, it’s worth the couple extra bucks.

          4. Disposable (or Instant) Camera 


          If you’re already going retro with a fanny pack or bum bag, why not make it a theme and grab a disposable camera as well. You might have to research where exactly you can get film developed these days but there’s really nothing like having a physical photo to remind you of the good times (or the times you can’t quite recall).

          5. A Power Bank

            Phone batteries are getting better but they’re still no match for the demands of a festival. Between all those photos and videos and continually searching for signal on an overloaded network, phone batteries seem to drain faster than ever. Don’t be the friend separated from the group with a dead battery, make sure you have a festival-worthy power bank to save the day.

            6. A Torch

              Yes, our phones all have them, but at the end of the day after you’ve been busy posting jealousy-inducing Instagram stories all day long, do you really want to worry about having enough battery left to rummage around in your tent? Spend the extra $$ and invest in a back up torch as well.

              7. Smartphone Necklace

              Picture this, you're having a great time with friends, dancing up a storm, making trips back and forth to the bar, and then suddenly you stomach sinks. You have no idea when you last saw your phone, you have no way of contacting anyone, not to mention all the photos and videos lost forever. Thankfully this year is all about the phone necklace. Don't mistake these for the tatty lanyards of the mid-2000s, these phone necklace cases are chic and practical and will prevent you from ever losing your phone again.

              8. Hat and Sunscreen

                Summer festivals might often involve rain but there’s almost certainly going to be periods of blazing hot sun. There’s nothing worse than getting burned to a crisp on your first day and spending the rest of your festy time with sensitive skin. Save yourself the aftercare and slip on some sunscreen and slap on a hat instead.

                9. A Waterproof Poncho

                  If you’re attending a festival in the desert, sure, give this one a miss but otherwise this must have festival tip applies to you. Being caught in the rain isn’t the worst thing, but it might spell disaster for your phone or other electronics. A compact waterproof poncho won’t take up much space but could majorly save you.

                  10. Jewellery and Glitter

                    Festivals are the perfect time for self expression! Coordinate a glittery look with your friends or carve your own path, whichever you choose, make sure you have more than enough accessories to do it!

                    11. WATER!

                      Festivals are gruelling, make sure you last the distance and stay hydrated — and not just with alcohol. Water is your friend, so make sure you have at least a few gallons. Remember, a festival is a marathon — not a sprint!

                      So there you have it — it's not an exhaustive list but it does cover some of the big festival must haves that will save your sanity and comfort while you party on. 

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